For Will and Kate’s

After more than a year, the Birdly team is winding down its tour and ramping up its company, Somniacs, which plans to manufacture and sell the simulator soon. It won’t be cheap to buy, Rheiner said, but they haven’t set a price yet. He’s also exploring whether the technology can be used in therapy, especially for people who use wheelchairs..

For Will and Kate’s second royal tour in Canada, which began on Sept. 24 and will run through Oct. 1, the focus of their itinerary will be on the western half of the country. Conspicuous in their absence has been CBL,the mall owners. CBL has been silent as far as I can tell in divulging any information or assisting the community in any efforts to determine the future of the property. I hope that they have been working behind the scenes with the city and council to develop a new and vibrant reaction and solution to the “indoor mall dinosaur” question.

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Within two minutes of the door’s opening, there are at least 20 people inside. Some are literally running. The beeping of the tills is repetitive; the items purchased vary, but only slightly, between mickeys of discount malt liquor, two litre bottles of Growers and cheap beer.

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