lives in Great Harwood

As for the picture being staged that is not true as my daughter is in one of the pictures and as for Primark being one step up from Poundland what an incredibly snobby attitude!! In these times of financial difficulty not all of us can afford designer clothes!! Maybe these readers need to get back on their high horses and ride off to another town!![quote][p][bold][/bold] wrote: [quote][p][bold]Joey99[/bold] wrote: “Hundreds of shoppers keen to get a first glimpse of the development began to form in the early hours. ” Sad, just sad.[/p][/quote]It IS Blackburn, it’s something new, after all the are getting fed up with pointing at planes;)[/p][/quote]That’s a great quote coming from someone who lives in Great Harwood! The place where attendants still fill your car with petrol.[/p][/quote]whilst i don’t know which garage you are referring to, i am much happier living where attendants fill your car with petrol at your request, as opposed to it being filled with petrol just prior to setting fire to it after nicking it!I think that JB75 was implying that people in Great Harwood don’t know how to fill their cars themselves. However it does seem a little childish and silly to be having digs at each other’s home towns aren’t there more important issues in the larger scheme of things to worry about!I think that JB75 was implying that people in Great Harwood don’t know how to fill their cars themselves.

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